Hope Givers

This January, who will you inspire to dream anything is possible for their lives?
Who will you push into a new reality of hope?
Who will you give a platform to realise their potential?
Who will you hold from falling?
Who will you strengthen?

I know you have it in you, yes, you can be that beacon of hope that someone else needs.
Because when you give hope, guess what, you receive hope. Hope givers are never short of inspiration.
So don’t hold back; holding back could kill another person’s dreams. The realisation of someone else’s purpose is tied to the realisation of yours and the giving of yourself to support, encourage and inspire them; so get to work and make it happen for you, for them, for all.
I maintain that our world gives you every reason for your hope to die, but you don’t have to buy that story. Let me remind you of something important. It’s an excerpt from my blog’s homepage:

“Our world is full of many reasons to give up and lose hope but you don’t have to. There’s every reason to think the world is caving in on you, but it’s not. You may have convinced yourself God is not on your side, but He is. You can dream again. You can believe again. You can and you will.”

You know, I’m always encouraged every time I read those lines. Not because I wrote them but because I need them, everyday. Hope is powerful and can literally transform your life. And as Christians, professionals, fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, students… we must be hope bearers to the weak, hope carriers to the hopeless, hope beacons to the blind. Let people see you and see a reason to live, a reason to love, a reason to hope, a reason to believe… a reason to believe impossible is truly nothing. You are indeed a hope giver!

I so wanna be remembered as such! And I’m on it… all by God’s grace.
Will you join me?

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