From Broken Pieces To A Masterpiece

Ever made a mistake in life?
I’ve had my share of errors, terrible judgement and bad decisions.
But I’ve learnt through my experiences that God can restore.
He can make whole.
He can heal.
Yes He does.

Are you still living in your mistake?
Are you dwelling in the shadow of your past?
Have you failed to forgive yourself, despite God’s mercy?
I’ve been there too. There was a season in my life that I struggled to forgive myself for letting God down. You know, life can be a tussle! But God brought healing and restoration in the nick of time. I encourage you to burst out of the cage of unforgiveness and the past. Burst out and free yourself. Run for your life like a gazelle escaping from the paws of a predator.

If you are struggling tonight and cannot get beyond your past, I have a word for you:
Out of the broken pieces of your life, the Lord can make a great masterpiece. It is only God that can bring beauty out of ashes.

I urge you to release your past to Him for a great future. God heals. God restores. God makes new. I have experienced His marvellous grace. Out of the broken stones of my life, God created an amazing masterpiece…

Now it’s your time, what are you waiting for!?

3 thoughts on “From Broken Pieces To A Masterpiece

  1. Yes i believe,u’v revived my faith. He wil heal my mum in jesus jst bt 4 a tym,wot wil b wil b. Remain blesd sir.

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