What Really Matters…

We often run the risk of forgetting what really matters in life:
Christmas celebration
Good family
Excellent career
Exciting church programmes
Massive choir
Lovely church praise and worship
Huge church attendance
Big bibles
Red suit on white shoes (erm, maybe NOT!)
Nothing wrong with my list, is there? Well, except for the last one probably 🙂
But the reality is that none of these truly matters most at the end of time. None of them is the most important. So what really matters? What’s the main thing that makes all the difference in our lives? What truly makes my list a worthwhile experience to enjoy?

THE CROSS!!! That’s what makes all the difference. God, hung on the cross… that’s what makes church, tithing, family, etc relevant. He lived, died, was buried and rose from the dead. Calvary gave us life here. Calvary will give us life for all eternity.
Our families will be nothing without the Cross.
Our career prospects genuinely comes to zero and our high achievements are nothing without the Cross.
Our massive church buildings and numbers have no impact without the Cross.
Our red suits and white shoes mean nothing; only the Cross does.

So as we near the exit of what has been a truly intriguing 2011 for many and to our world, let’s pause and bask in the beauty of the Cross. Let’s be thankful for heaven’s amazing gift. Let’s be sober at the thought of our Lord’s pain. Let’s rejoice at the grace we’ve received. And with same hope in our hearts, let’s share our joy so others can have hope. It’s all about the Cross; Jesus is all that truly matters.

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