God or Nothing!


In Mark 9:2-8, three disciples of Christ had the spiritual experience of their lives: they saw Christ transfigured before their eyes in His glory, with Moses and Elijah present. We know the event that transpired already, hence my intention is not to repeat what you know. But consider for a moment; Jesus had 12 disciples, but only 3 had this experience. What does that teach you? How does it challenge you?

1. It is not enough to be a Christian; we must go on in pursuit of deep things of God.
2. God reveals His glory to those in close relationship and spiritual partnership with Him.
3. There are too many Christians on the outer court but few in the Holy of Holies… We must press in to where God is. You may find God’s blessings in the outer court but God is in the Holy of Holies. Go in!

The transfiguration experience is powerful. I’m eager and waiting on God as we enter into a time of retreat this month. My heart is just seeking after God in this time; for me, it’s God or nothing.
What about you?

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